"Capturing emotions, visualizing dreams, crafting realities, every frame tells a story"

Frederic is a versatile and passionate Director of Photography who started on his journey into the film world at the age of 25. Born and raised in Leuven, Belgium, he developed a deep love for visual storytelling from a young age. His path began at film school, where he refined his skills and discovered his passion for cinematography mentored by Julien Vrebos.

After completing his film studies at Narafi in 2005, Frederic started as a freelancer. He worked as a cameraman for numerous different genres: documentaries, TV, pub, corporate and film learning to shoot in diverse environments. These experiences enhanced his technical skills but also his ability to tell powerful visual stories through camera operating and lightscaping. Gimbal operator since 2017, licensed drone pilot since 2018.  

His portfolio includes a wide range of projects, from popular TV series like "Familie" (locatie) "De Pfaffs", "Blind Gekocht",... to online series like "D5R" and "Meisjes" and films like "D5R-De Laatste Zomer Samen"

Frederic  remains driven by his  passion for camera operating and the art of making a story work. His technical skills and dedication make him an indispensable asset to any production he's a part of. Owning 4 different professional cameras he's an expert in switching between genres.  Always looking for new challenges, so feel free to contact him.